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Facing family law matters can be emotionally challenging and overwhelming. At Benjamin Legal, we understand that these aren’t just legal issues; they’re deeply personal and sensitive moments in your life. That’s why we’re here, ready to provide you with the experienced and discerning legal support your unique situation deserves.

Areas of Family Law Practice

Offering full legal representation for all of your family law needs in Arizona.



Divorce can feel like taking a giant leap into the unknown. We’ll provide the knowledge and support you need to make informed decisions at every step.


Legal separation

When a formal divorce isn’t the immediate answer, a legal separation can give you the space and clarity you need to move forward.


child & spousal support

Money matters can add extra stress to any situation. We’ll make sure the financial support you need is fair to provide you with the stability you need.



An annulment is like hitting the reset button on your marital status, and we’re here to help you understand the process and navigate it smoothly.


establishing paternity

Got paternity questions? We’ll help you sort things out, ensuring that your child’s rights and each parties’ responsibilities are all squared away.


enforcement & modification

Life changes. So when things need adjusting, we’re on your side, helping you modify or enforce any existing orders as needed.


child custody

Making sure your child’s future is rock solid is a priority for us. We’ll work hard to figure out the best custody arrangements while keeping things stable for everyone.


grandparent rights

Grandparents are an important piece of the family puzzle. We’ll fight for your right to stay close and lovingly connected with your grandkids.


mediation & litigation

Whether you prefer mediation or need to head to court, we’ll guide you toward the best solution, making sure your voice is heard along the way.


prenuptial agreements

Managing your own financial affairs during or after your marriage regardless of the law is the utmost freedom. We’ll help you create prenuptial agreements that keep your interests secure and your property protected.

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You’re not alone. Our experienced attorneys understand that family legal matters go beyond courtroom litigation and paperwork. When you choose us, you’re not just hiring lawyers; you’re gaining trusted allies who are dedicated to the best possible outcome for your family.

“I’ve had a number of different family lawyers throughout the past several years, but Kelsey has been, hands-down, the BEST. She is excellent at communicating, was very thorough and always prepared me well for each status conference and, ultimately, my custody trial. She is extremely confident and competent in her abilities to handle even the most difficult of situations. She knows the law well and has a heart for her clients. Do not hesitate to hire her!”


“I hired Lindsay Benjamin and could not be happier with her representation. She has integrity and is extremely capable in the courtroom. She was always very responsive, kind, and understanding of my concerns. She really cared and listened, and helped me move forward when I felt I could not any longer. I strongly recommend her and this firm.”


“It very humbling when an attorney takes a personal interest in your case and is exactly what Kelsey did. After a 25 year marriage I was bound and determined that it wouldn’t be contentious or hateful. I had lived a Lifetime Movie and just wanted out and to on the road to happiness. I expressed these feelings to Kelsey and she helped me create this reality. Both my ex and I used her services and in 2 months we were divorced…Kelsey was very conscious of the costs and we worked together well. She is wonderful and I highly recommend her. If you listen to her and aren’t vindictive, you will have your happiness and freedom much quicker.”


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